First, they made the Ruger LCR in .38 Special +P. And I tried it. And my god, that thing hurt to fire. I am not in any way inexperienced in pistols, but that was hellish recoil even for a snub.

Then they made the .357 Mag LCR. And I fired it, just to see. .38 +P was about the same as before, no real change, but .357 was… intense. I’d like one for carry, once I get my CHL, because the noise and flash from the sucker would probably make an attacker die of fright*. Like having a stick of dynamite go off in your hand. Hell, the muzzle flash would probably light a muggers shirt on fire.

This just in! A short fic piece I wrote a while back, ON THE FARM, is appearing in this month’s Under The Bed Magazine! Check it out!

*This statement is completely false and not to be construed as any form of serious opinion, or your life is forfeit.