I can’t believe I did that. I miscounted days and ran out of comics.

Comic will post this evening. I’m a dunce.

[edit] What a fucking day.

Just to get it out of the way, no, this is not going to be a pattern. I have been damned good about keeping this comic updated.

Tonight I got a phone call that I wish I hadn’t. Not saying that the call shouldn’t have been made, but I do wish the circumstances behind the phone call hadn’t happened.

So yeah. Tomorrow’s comic will ALSO be late. It happens, folks. I do feel shitty about it. But I have a whirlwind of shit going on in my skull.

On top of that, what’s been going on in Ferguson, MO is absolutely horrifying.

Not saying the shooting of Michael Brown, by itself, is scary, although it probably SHOULD fucking be, according to the witness testimony of what happened versus the police report version. Especially since Anonymous hacked and leaked the dispatch audio. No shooting was reported, even though a cop had literally just shot a teenager in the street.

Honestly, even if what the police are claiming is true (and I bloody fucking well think they’re full of shit), that’s not the part that terrifies me.

Once the protests began, before any riots broke out, the FAA banned all air traffic in the area under 3000 feet, effectively stopping all News helicopters.

Then the cops, decked out in Totes Operator Gear, decided to tell the press to GTFO, and in many cases, not verbally.

This morning, when I was trying to read up on the story some more, almost every news article I clicked on was deleted within 30 minutes of it posting. Big fat 404. News didn’t start flowing on it, from real news channels, until almost 11 am.

Folks, this is a police state in action. No, not nationwide. But for the people of Ferguson, MO, this is a mother fucking police state. They have slapped a big fat silencer on the 4th estate, and are doing everything they can to keep people, worldwide, from knowing what’s going on there. Yeah, the arrival of the new guy is a good step down from cops in gear that’s heavier than what my roommate wore in Afghanistan, but this should still anger you. This may have been a test run by a law enforcement agency, to see just how much they could silence any information in a scenario where cops fucked up.

This is not okay. Cops don’t need fucking MRAPs. Cops don’t need military-level equipment when dealing with an unarmed protest. This is fucking bullshit.

I am not affiliated with Anonymous whatsoever. But I do like what they’ve done over the years, including this.