Where is his plane going? Probably Moscow.

The Obamascare continues to wane. I am now seeing AR-15s on the shelves, here in Dallas, as well as AK-47s, once again – Cabela’s had a few, as did Bass Pro. And not even overpriced! (Much) $800 for a Bushmaster, $1200 for a Colt. $600 for a WASR, but it came with a really cool ATI stock and a red dot sight.

Magazines are back in stock, and for all those morons who bought AR mags at $90 a pop three months ago… I feel bad for ya, son.

Apparently there’s been a huge shipment of Tula 7.62 x 39mm in Dallas. Every shop I know, and most Walmarts, were carrying stacks of it for $6/box as of Friday. .223 is available at the Walmart in North Irving, and I’ve seen pretty much everything from .380 to .30-06 at every sporting goods shop I’ve hit. Not ALL the calibers at each store, mind you – you have to shop around.

But .22 LR is still a fucking ghost.

The Obamascare will end soon. Like it did last time. I expect most ammo will be readily available, at normal prices, by September.