I only ever got to try this kind of thing at a friend’s place in the Mojave, when I as a teen. Although I managed to fan all six shots of .45 LC, I managed to hit nothing at all. I don’t know how folks do that Cowboy Shooting stuff. Aside from using blanks, underpowered rounds, prop guns, etc. It should be noted that fanning a single-action cowboy revolver is very bad for it. Don’t do these things, folks.

All of that aside, I went to a Cowboy Action shoot a few years back, and was duly impressed by some of the skills of the competitors. Saw a gal shoot a silver dollar out of the air at 30 yards with a .44-40, which blew my mind.

Fun stuff.

Here’s a dude who became a legend/cliche. Some love him, some hate him. I just wish I had his skills.