As preachy as it sounds, this is something I do agree with Mick on, and stress when teaching people about guns: the word “unloaded” is profanity. Guns exist in two states: Loaded, or disabled. I’ve never gone so far as to say “magical dickhead bullet fairy”, but you get the idea.

Happy birthday to my sister, Wendy! Who is living in Hawaii and keeps posting facebook pictures of her beach backyard and grinding it in our faces. BETCH.

This shit is CRAY-ZAY. I’ve always wondered when handheld railguns will become a reality. We’re still not really there – the best most people can do is pellet-gun impacts. Except for the US Military…

That’s video of a solid, high-ferrous steel projectile, hurled by magnets, hitting a target so hard, the impact causes the material to ignite.