And now Heidi starts rocking it.

I will, on occasion, be using pics of actual targets we’ve shot in the past. Mostly because I take a lot of pics at the range, and some of these are clogging up my drive. I believe this particular target was photographed in 2008, when I took a buddy out to try my S&W Sigma .40 at 10 yards. (Horrible gun, got rid of it.) I could be wrong – this was ages ago.

Although Heidi gets cocky here, I still say heeding a good instructor your first times out at the range is a good idea. If you’ve never fired a specific gun before, heed those who have, and take their advice. If you’re new, go with a good instructor.

In other news, you gotta watch out for them tactical semi-auto hunting rifles with 30 round magazine clips.

Don’t be like these doofuses…