Oh, you just knew she was coming back, eh?

This is the final week of FTF Year 1. The strip started on 9/3/2012.

Yeah, I know, right?

I haven’t missed a single update. And although this comic has DEVOURED every bit of free time I have, there are no regrets so far. I’ve pretty much given up on playing video games, and every spare second I have is spent doing this strip. Mostly because this is the first part of a story.

Warning: After Friday’s strip, I’m taking a week’s hiatus. Partly to put together a book of the comic, partly just to stretch and breathe and relax for 7 days. No worries! I’m arranging guest strips to fill the interim, from various talented bastards in webcomics.

Also, we’ll be at Animefest 2013 starting this Friday. Come check us out!