I still think that the whole Insane Clown Posse thing is the absolute culmination of a retarded society in pop music.

When they first came out, on the advice of my brother (who knew I liked hip-hop), I checked them out. And I was immediately bored. Wow. So these guys make songs about vilence and silly horror shit, and we’re supposed to take them seriously because they dress like clowns?

So I decided to check out what this whole Juggalo scene was about, back in 1997, and… no. Just no. Fans of this band weren’t intelligent. They weren’t smart. They weren’t interesting. They were literally just idiots who dressed like clowns, called themselves juggalos, and seemed intent on doing retarded things for attention.

I have no respect for juggalos. Not now, not ever. You idiots dressed up like fucking clowns – CLOWNS, for fuck’s sake – because a shitty hip hop act did too.

Morons. I can’t take ‘em seriously. Just… morons.