Some of you noticed a resemblance to this cat and Hank Schrader. I swear it wasn’t intentional – in fact, Agent Keller was originally going to be black, but I tried several skin tones, and he worked better as white in the color palette vs. backgrounds of his office.

That said, I thought the character of Hank in Breaking Bad was absolutely fucking awesome, so if you imagine that Agent Keller is Hank, I have no problem with that.

Whoof. Don’t want to jinx it, but I’m finally feeling really human for the first time in about a month. No longer feverish and stumbling about, sweating like a clenched sponge. I still don’t know WHAT caused the pneumonia utterly – my doc at first suspected West Nile, and a preliminary test came back leaning toward it, but the CDC test (for real, yo) came back negative. I just caught some kind of flu/respiratory bug that nobody else in our crew got, and it lingered and made my life fucking hell. But I moseyed on, started a new job, and knocked out Comic Con all while shoving the last dregs of this bullshit out of my system.

Feels great to be able to breathe and do shit again.

In Gun News, this shit is about to get really fucky.

How was your weekend?