So it seems that FTF is getting popular, which means I’m already seeing plenty of people screaming about how “OMG TEH ART IS TEH SUXXORS SO GTFO FAGET.” Usually with multiple exclamation points.

Oh, people.

Put simply, the problem with the internet is that it has taught everyone that their opinion matters. Not that this is true – it’s not. It’s really not. But that’s what people have been taught, and they’re quite vociferous with their hate for various comics.

Case in point: CTRL-ALT-DEL. I have never, ever understood the rabid hatred so many people have for Buckley and his work. If you don’t like a comic, nobody is holding a gun to your mother’s snatch and demanding you read it. Standing on a soapbox at every given opportunity and screaming to the ether of the webbertrons that THIS SHIT SUCKS AND THE CREATOR SHOULD DIE is stupid. Shit like this makes me wonder how so many people have so much free time to waste on vitriol, when they could be putting that rage to a creative use.

It wasn’t always like this. The art for FLEM was so, so very much worse than what I’m doing on FTF. I drew most of that shit with a goddamn ball mouse, back in the age of dinosaurs and Geocities. Only in recent times do people froth like rabid badgers and TROLLOLOL, finding great meaning in their empty lives by getting their panties in a braided, plaited, chafing knot about SOMETHING THEY DO NOT FIND ENJOYABLE. Did FLEM get hate mail? You betcha! But not nearly in the amount this comic does. (I especially love emails where people call me a “fag.” It’s like watching an angry chihuahua attack the toe of your shoe.)

Never fear, those of you who like the comic. I give absolutely zero credence to these Interweb Neckbeards. I could go on a high horse and point out that they’re not doing anything creative, not making entertainment, just whining. I could point out my hitlogs. I could point out that I already have a history, as one of the original webcomics creators from back in the day, and nothing they can say will even put a smudged noseprint on my windshield. I don’t need to point out any of that, harp on it, or go on a diatribe because the reality is simple:

I’m going to keep making this comic. Many people are going to keep enjoying it. And as one of the T-shirts I own states: Those who hate shall hate henceforth. Don’t like it? Move along, move along. My beer still tastes good.

On a more serious note, as someone who has lost a friend due to drunken NYE driving: DON’T DRIVE DRUNK TONIGHT. Seriously, don’t do it. There are other options, and driving drunk tonight CAN KILL YOU. If you’re reading this around 10 pm, just assume Mel and I are at a party, and getting deliciously shitfaced. But we’re not driving home until I’m sober as a Mormon goat.

(Miss you, Chris. You stupid fucker.)