You! With the pitchforks and torches! DROP THEM! She did not make him a sandwich! She PURCHASED IT!

I’m glad we can have these chats.

So it seems Feinstein is back at her old shenanigans. Although I’m a moderate Liberal, I do view Feinstein as a fucking lich, an over-the-hill demon whose time has come and gone. She’s a horrible thing, a creature that should have been banished from this plane long ago. Oh goody, another AWB. This shows, once again, that Feinstein has no connection to the voting populace. She’s a reactionary idiot who tries to prop up her ancient, diseased political soapbox by reacting to the worst things that are happening right now.

The gun bloggernets are SCREAMING about this, but I say (as usual) sit the fuck down and have a Coke.

– A new AWB will garner NO support politically from any politician who doesn’t want to commit instant career suicide. Guns are popular in the USA right now. As I just explained to a family member, the screaming meemies of the east and west coasts of the USA DO NOT represent the center of it.
– The death of this bill will possibly shove Feinstein back into her crypt, where she will slumber for a thousand years, fitfully, before she rises again.

This is not to say people should sit back. Please DO write your politicians and let them know that the original AWB was stupid, and this bill is stupid. The problem is not “assault weapons” – the problem is mental health care in the USA. The problem is that bad shit will always happen, and you can’t 100% legislate it out of existence.

MOLON LABE, motherfuckers.