Yeah, there’s no excuse for this, other than “I’ve had ten beers and this one occurred to me. I have no filter on making comics that have horrible puns.”

So a bunch of our friends and pals and homies are hitting Burning Flipside as of today. It’s a regional here, near Austin. And we ain’t going. Why?

Mel and I are burners. And we can’t hit this burn because we got shit to do. Project A-Kon 25 is coming up, and we’re having to save our cash to make this convention happen. No time for us to run to the woods with a couple thousand freaks to listen to music and dance and cavort and get hammered and have a good time. Nay, we shall stay home while you miserable sons of bitches get bit by bugs and snakes and deal with the heat in Texas and sudden rainstorms and….

Dammit, we wish we COULD go. But we can’t. Our next burn will Myschievia 2014. Until then, we have to live vicariously through our burner family, and go be rock stars at A-Kon and Comic Con San Diego and Animefest and make gobs of cash. Pity us.