Redux of the hiring comic done way back when.

This one is, once again, based on a true story. I was working at a restaurant that fired its day manager (hilarious story involving gay sex in the walk in cooler, and weed in the lettuce), and the night manager was tasked with hiring the replacement.

All of the applicants showed up at the interviews wearing white gloves. All of them. And there were like 20 applicants or so. The night manager was completely confused, but was too polite to ask what the fuck was going on. It took the owner three days before he broke, and laughed his ass off. Dude had a great sense of humor, and had put it in the newspaper classified – “Wear white gloves.” Keep in mind, this wasn’t a fine dining joint. This was a mom & pop greasy spoon in Ft. Worth.

Good times.

So, has ebola killed us all yet? I’m updating this 48 hours in advance.