Sorry about the lack of videos and such in the last two days. Been busy as heck. I upload these comics in advance, then go back and fill in the post as time allows. Totally forgot to update the last two.

Yes, I really do have a Hi-Point C9. No, I am not ashamed of it – I regularly put 10 rounds (extended mag) into a flower in the center of a target at 15 yards with it. Bought it used off a friend last year. Used and broken, I might add. The price was low, I grabbed it, and immediately contacted the mfr to get it repaired.

What can I tell you about this shitty, shitty gun? Well, let’s break it down:

– Ugly as hell.
– Not easy to break down.
– The antithesis of ergonomic.
– When it breaks, it breaks.

– To “clean” it, even the company just recommends scrubbing the bore and chamber. A full takedown is not necessary, thank gawd.
– When it works, it goes bang every time.
– Hi-Point is REALLY serious about their warranty.
– Easily as accurate as most pistols I’ve owned.

I’m not going to lie – I like my C9. It’s the ugliest duck in the bunch, with no hopes of being a swan. Shit, it’s a direct-blowback 9mm. The slide is slightly heavier than a couch. This is not a concealed-carry weapon, nor is it something you’d use for competitions. It is what it is. That said, you can pick one up brand-spanking-new for less than $160, and it’s a damned fine plinking pistol.

More on that in a bit – the next few strips are about this godawful weapon.