What, you thought she was going to buy a gun, date Mick, and run away happily ever with him? That’s no fun. Come on, I have to keep you coming back. And feeling sorry for this schmuck.

The sign in the background is for a later storyline. Nothing against Ron Paul, per se, but I have yet to meet a gun shop worker that hasn’t heard enough about Ron Paul.

I’ll take this moment to pimp my favorite gun shop, the Cash America Pawn at 12920 Midway Road, Dallas, TX 75244. So many guns flow through there, I never know what I’m going to find when I walk in. Bought 6 guns there over the last 3 years, all of them good.

I don’t feel terribly opinionated either way, but in the New vs. Used argument, I’ve never had a used gun purchase go bad on me. If you know how to inspect a gun before purchase, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going for used and picking a gun up for two thirds, or even half off the MSRP. Hell, I picked up my Mossberg Mav 88 for $80, in like-new condition. Mel’s Moss 500a was $200, which is about $175 off. I could go on. The fun part of pawn shop buying is you never know WHAT they’ll have.

This video is cringeworthy. I’ve crescented myself once with a scoped 30.06, when I was 16. Taught me to ALWAYS keep a good, proper grip on a firearm. What I usually tell new shooters is: this weapon is like a chainsaw. If you keep a good grip on it, and use it right, you won’t hurt yourself. But if you act like a moron, and don’t control the weapon… well…