I am an outdoorsman. I don’t do as much outdoorsing as I did in my youth, in the San Bernardinos, but I do still go fishing, hiking, and camping.

And hunting. I am a hunter. I am both a hunter with firearms, and a bowhunter. (And, once upon a time whilst roughing it for longer than a week, a trapper – a snare can catch a hell of a fat rabbit for dinner.)

The Rac-Em-Bac Bow Mag is the wrost thing I’ve seen in a long time. It’s fucking awful. Here, check the video:

This is wrong on so many goddamn levels, I don’t even know where to begin. But I’ll try:

– Hot chicks are not the ones that are going to use this for hunting. This product will solely be used by dumbass older dudes who want to play Rambo out at a private ranch and blow up watermelons.
– Why is it dumbassed? Because it’s fucking illegal to hunt with explosive tips in most states that have a bowhunting season.
– The Bow Mag completely invalidates the entire point of bowhunting, for the love of fuck. The point of bowhunting is that it’s nearly silent, has a much shorter effective range, and therefore requires WAY more skill. This thing goes BANG, and as far as I can tell, smashing a .357 mag round into a pig or deer is going to do way more immediate damage than a broadhead – therefore you won’t have to track your kill in the event you get slightly off center on your point of impact.

Already had one friend point out that it might be cheaper. MOTHAFUCKA PLS. A box of .357 Mag right now runs between $24 and $38. These tips also cost $40. Hooray, you just spent $70 on playing Rambo. If you have the bullets, you likely already have a gun – and a good .357 mag pistol runs about $250 used. And has better range than this bullshit. And better accuracy, unless you’re buying a snubbie.

I think even Ted Nugent would decry that this product is bullshit of the worst order. It’s awful. It both invalidates the point of bows, and firearms, and results in something so much worse than either of them.