Bear with me n this:

If you’ve read this comic at all, you know I have no love for Clive “Negroes Were Better Picking Cotton” Bundy. None. Even before his racist bullshit came out, I posted here on this site that I thought he was a deadbeat retard. I lamented that if we’re going to have an uprising, it should be for something more meaningful than some aging cocksucker who lost in court and doesn’t want to pay his grazing fees.

But today, something happened, and I am utterly alarmed and dismayed.

This happened. And the news media is picking it up and running with it.

Except I think it’s horseshit.

I have now had two Texans tell me why this kind of vigilante checkpoint shit wouldn’t fly in Texas, because citizens here are armed and don’t like being interrogated by idiots without authority.

I don’t think these people have met Nevada ranchers before. NV Ranchers are people who think Libertarians are pussies. They don’t give a fuck about following federal law to the T, mostly because they live in the middle of fucking nothing and have close to zero chance of being apprehended/arrested. That’s kinda how this whole Bundy debacle started. Honestly, if this was happening, I’d say that one of the NV residents would have gone to town with a full auto FAL on these neckbeards already.

If they use this guy’s letter as the sole excuse to have a throwdown, as much as I think Bundy and his ilk are fucking idiots, we’re going to have another Waco. And I am not okay with that. It’s one thing to punish the criminals. It’s another thing when our government straight up executes insurgents whole hog for daring to disobey. (For the record, I also think Koresh was a maniac, and an idiot, as were the Davidians. But idiocy should not be legal excuse for the govt to perform a sanctioned massacre of rebels. That… in every sense, that IS tyranny.)

This is the media lying to us. This is the government lying to us. So we won’t give a shit when they commit slaughter.

I can’t find a SINGLE civilian corroboration. In the age of Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, FB… nothing. Not one report of these folks setting up checkpoints and violating the 4th amendment. Nothing but crickets.

Not ONE person they stopped posted anything about it? Really? Not one person ran into an illegal checkpoint and noted that these guys are screaming about constitutional rights, while violating one of the big Ten Amendments?

I’m calling bullshit on this. The congressman is lying. If you can find a twitter post, a single FB post on this, that predates the congressman’s letter (and right now I find NOTHING), I’ll change my mind. But I think we’re looking at a politician setting up another Waco.

Strap in, kids. Get your popcorn. This isn’t going to go out with a fizzle. The setup is starting.