This is something I love showing my non-shooting friends, the first time they go out to the range. Gun Noobs are usually unaware that movies are HORRIBLY inaccurate about how loud firearms are. Discussions at the range tend to be brief, and what little is said is SHOUTED LOUDLY.

I got a few posts here and a couple emails. It was suspected that I used Monday’s strip to exit Omar from the overall comic. Have no fear. He will return, just as he did from the dumpster. Possibly with a few scars from the Russian mafia? Only time will tell…

Prepping for Comic Con Intl these nights. Woof. We’ll be in Booth 1230 again, unless something major changes, teaming up with Gearhearts Steampunk Revue. Should make for an entertaining convention. Half the table will be women dressed in Neo-Victorian garb, corsets and bare legs and such, and on our half… comics about cats and guns.

Should be a hoot.

Now, let’s just all dig on the Mythbusters….