Let’s go ahead and really flamewar it up in the comments. C’mon, I know some of you have been itching on this one.

Mick is kinda like me when it comes to this kind of thing. I do prefer pistols and shotguns for home defense. If you’re living in an apartment and using an AR-15 for home defense, you’re gonna annoy the shit out of your neighbors if someone breaks in. Same for AK. Yes, I am quite aware of The Box O’ Truth showing that both pistols and shotguns can ALSO overpenetrate sheetrock. But I also load frangible rounds in the .357 by my bed, and would rather take my chances with my Mossberg loaded with Buck and Ball in the event of a home defense situation than either 7.62 or 5.56. I don’t even live in an apartment. I have a brick-walled house.

Now, when it comes down to AK vs AR… I choose the AK. Hear me out.

I’m a lazy fuck. Mel has an AR. Our roommate has an AR. I have neither AK nor AR, but I do have an SKS, which fires the exact same bullet as the AK. Furthermore, the SKS is basically the platform that was the granddaddy of the AK. Given an urban warfare situation (and even as a hardcore survivalist, I know this is highly unlikely), I’d choose my SKS over an AR.

Put simply: The AR feels like a fucking toy to me. It has too many moving parts. It feels like anything could break at any moment. I have fired dozens of both AKs and ARs in my life. ARs jam more. Yes, this is my apocryphal experience. No, I’m sure your AR fires just fine. But I have experienced far, far fewer jams on the AK than the AR platform. The AK is meant to take a beating, fire dirty ammo, and keep on rocking. The AR is a little prissy bitch that jams the moment you get some dirt or crud in the action. Again, my experience, and yours is mileage that may vary.

Cleaning an AK is easier, and, let’s be honest, almost optional. I have one friend who has brought his AK shooting with us for years, and has proudly never cleaned it. It still goes bang, although sometimes you have to really slap the mag in or it will misfeed that first round. Cleaning an AR requires, comparatively, the equivalent of cleaning a Swiss watch.

When it comes to long-distance accuracy, the AR wins, hands down, beyond 200 yards. But so fucking what? Unless I’m hunting with one, getting MOA groups at 1000 yards won’t ever, ever matter to me. Hell, I have never hunted an animal at that range. All of my hunting kills were at closer than 400 yards. Yeah, if you’re in a war zone, that kind of accuracy can matter. But I’m not in a war zone. I live in suburbia. And even if TSHTF, and I was stuck defending my house in social collapse urban warfare, I wouldn’t need 1000 yard accuracy. Hell, my street is only 200 yards long, and we’re in the middle of it. I could probably defend my house with my goddamn Mossberg, as long as I had some slugs.

Also: I am NOT a fan of the Uzi. I am not a fan of open-bolt full auto subs in general. Got to have fun in the desert with a full-auto Uzi when I was 19. My limited experience has been that the fuckers kick like a mule with a jackhammer, and accuracy is crippled when firing one. EXTREMELY hard to control.

Let’s get it on in the comments!