Yeah, based on similar talks in my past romantic history.

So there may be a comic coming up on this soon, because I just know how this shit s going to pan out, and I’m already pre-disgusted. Long story short: They’re closing the last primary lead smelter in the USA. Mostly because the plant pollutes like fucking crazy. This means the cost of ammo is going to get jacked through the fucking roof.

And that’s horseshit. Over 95% of the lead used to make ammo is, and I know, lots of uber-hardcore-right-wing types don’t want to hear this: RECYCLED. That’s right. The bullets you buy, the plinking ammo you use at the range, even the shit the military uses? RECYCLED LEAD. Primarily reclaimed from, and this tickled me, car wheel balance weights.

But this isn’t going to stop the manufacturers and retail outlets from jacking the price to the fucking front doorstep of God. So if you’ve been holding back, don’t. Buy ammo now, what ammo you can find. Buy it now before they jack that shit up. It’s bullshit. It’s pure bullshit. They’re not going to jack the price of fishing weights, no, nor the price of tire balance weights. But ammo? They’re gonna jack that shit hard. Mark my words. Buy it now. NOW. Go on the internet, go to your local retailers, and grab your bullets. Even you reloaders. This isn’t the Obamascare. This is me raising the flag before they decide to fuck us all over. Before they start raping your wallet. On that note, the link below the comic for Paypal donations is wide open, and all donations are appreciated, partially because I’d like to stockpile a little more myself before this ten-ton dump truck worth of shit hits the fan. Especially .22 LR, if I can FUCKING FIND ANY.