The thot plickens!

It seems that some of the people in the comments read a pro-gun comment and assume that I’m One Of Them: An anti-abortion, pro-death penalty, pro-war, anti-drugs Republican.

*cracks knuckles*

Let’s set that shit straight right here and now.

I no longer have a political party. Nobody in Washington represents me. I’m a mostly fiscal conservative (who still sees the need for social welfare and taxes), and moderate liberal socially. The system is fucking broken. It panders to the extreme right and left. We are caught in a machine, and the Fourth Estate is dead. Shit has gotten terribly Huxleyan, here in the US of A, and I find myself drifting in some moderate ocean politically.

But we can get some shit straight:

– I am pro-abortion. Always, if someone wants to argue abortion, my three main linchpins are this:
1. A blastocyst is not a person.
2. If you don’t like abortion, don’t get one.
3. It’s none of your fucking business if a woman gets an abortion.

– I am heavily pro-2nd Amendment. If you want to argue in favor of gun control, my three linchpins are:
1. If you don’t like guns, don’t buy one.
2. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. (I’ve often noted that if guns turn people into homicidal maniacs, all of ours are defective, in our small arsenal.)
3. It is none of your goddamn business how many guns I own.

– I am an environmentalist. I believe that if we do not start being smarter as a species, and stop poisoning our planet, shit’s gonna get really fucked up. We will outgrow this ball of rock that we’re on, and that situation will take care of itself, in a maelstrom of hellish pain and suffering. I do not wish to see that.

– I am an avid outdoorsman. I grew up in the San Bernardinos of Cali, before the state went insane on things like permits for walking in the woods and the most ridiculous gun control laws in the nation. I love camping. I love nature. I really wish more people got out of suburbia and went out to camp for a weekend, get off the grid and just experience life OUTSIDE of civilization.

– I am a hunter and fisherman. I don’t believe that wild animals have “rights.” I’m okay with safari hunting as a thing that exists, although I’ll likely never be rich enough to waste my money on flying to Africa to kill a lion. I have killed deer, squirrel, rabbit, and hog for food, as well as a plethora of fish. I have killed snakes and coyotes because they were a nuisance. This doesn’t make me a serial killer in the making. I know where my food comes from, because more than a handful of times (rather more), I’ve killed my own food.

– Politically, as noted, I’m adrift. I thought Obama was going to be a good President. He’s turned that into a pile of shit. I didn’t vote for him because I’m a democrat – I haven’t identified as such since 2000. I did vote for him because both times, the alternative was something awful. McCain? Seriously? Or Romney? Reading the above stances, do you see me getting behind an old, nearly-dead, pro-war fuck, or a hardcore Mormon? At least Obama gave me a nice plate full of lies to believe. And yeah, if you want to be one of those readers who says “O HE VOTED FOR OBAMA, FUCK HIM, I’M OUT”, then, well… there’s the door. You won’t be missed. Sorry you assumed to know what my political habits have been.

– I am a stringent atheist, and at times bordering on “anti-theist.” I grew up in the LDS church, lost my faith in my teens, started studying world religions and the history thereof. I originally identified, during those years, as an agnostic, but my studies have led me to being an atheist. I will not show respect to your religion. I think all religions are fucking silly, and we can do better than to worship imaginary bullshit. If we work together, we can make this world better for all of us, as well as succeeding on getting off this ball of fucking rock and colonizing other planets.

– I am middling when it comes to war. Pacifists like to point at Gandhi, but I honestly believe that there are times when violence is the only solution. Sometimes, you just have to fight the people doing evil shit, with bullets and bombs. I think the USA should have gotten involved in WWII long before they did, as well as Vietnam. I also think that there hasn’t been a military action by the USA, during my lifetime, that was necessary, or even a good idea. I was vocally against the Iraq wars, both times, and against our current occupation of Afghanistan.

– As a person of mixed ancestry, I really, really don’t give a shit about the howling and whining from the hardcore White People as they watch their racial stratus fall from the majority. Yes, I pass for white. No, I am not pure white. My father’s people suffered some serious bullshit during WWII, and I have experienced racial prejudice firsthand in a town of lily-white motherfuckers who found out about my Japanese heritage. I not only understand White Privilege, I’ve identified that I’ve prospered from it.

– The drug war is a horrible failure. I surrendered long ago. If you tell me that weed is bad, but alcohol and cigarettes (both of which I partake of on a daily basis) are great, then guess what? You’re a fucking idiot. Meth doesn’t kill people. Coke doesn’t kill people. Acid, X, shrooms, DMT, GHB, all of these do not kill people. People being stupid on these drugs kills people.

– I feel that government that governs least governs the best. I believe that the Libertarian Party is a sham. I believe that Ron Paul is nothing more than a hardcore right-wing shill in Libertarian’s clothing. I suspect that Jesus, as a person, may not have actually existed. I believe that the best bet we have is solar energy, and converting off of the oil grid onto the electrical grid. I believe that public expression of organized religion should be outlawed, or at least taxed hard. I think a Jesse Ventura/Colin Powell presidential ticket would not only win, it would be amazing. I have many controversial beliefs. I don’t expect ANYONE to agree with them, but I’m willing to debate.

If any of these stated beliefs make you disgusted with me, and furthermore lead you to not read my comic?

Then fuck ya. G’bye. You don’t have to agree with me. You can argue with me. We can discuss.

But if you decide that I am a horrible monster for believing these things, and shun me outright due to dogma?

Fuck ya.