Pay attention! This shit will come up later.

Aside from the comic: I feel like I should apologize a tiny bit for Friday’s post. To give you an idea of why I ranted: I get a fair amount of negative bullshit from people who see that I do a comic about guns, in favor of the 2A, and assume that I must agree with their heavily right-wing ideology. Then they act offended or self-righteous when I disagree with them. Sometimes, you just gotta get up on a soapbox and bitch. I was a bit tipsy and infuriated at a couple people. Then I sobered up and thought about deleting it. Then I decided, fuck da poleece, #YOLO, etc.

So yeah. Won’t happen often. But I felt I needed to set some expectations.

In gun news: Do not click on this link unless you’re ready to fume. This is a webpage made by either a brilliant troll, or (ugh) someone who actually believes this bullshit. Many are arguing that it’s just fake, nobody would be THAT anti-gun, it’s a strawman. Thing is, I know – PERSONALLY KNOW – people who have read this and thought it was a good idea. People who spread the link in support.

Jesus fucking christ.

These people really exist. The page I linked to is NOT a strawman stance. These are people who honestly believe that prohibition of firearms would work in the USA. And you know what? It probably would. It would work to disarm the majority of the law-abiding populace, allowing tyranny and crime to run rampant. Ugh. Just fucking UGH.