I’m of two minds here.

Texas has a fairly easy CHL policy, and I am looking at possibly getting mine this year.

On the one hand, having a gun is very handy, should you need it. Many of our friends have theirs, and a couple have been in situations where they were glad to have it.

On the other, being able to fight on the spot without one is a lot, A LOT, less messy legally, and quicker. You can argue this if you like, but many of our friends are well-trained martial artists of some acclaim – not to mention that Mel is a double black in TKD with state trophies in competition. The stories I could tell, hehehe.

This comic references a real life situation a friend, who shall remain nameless unless she wants the attention, lived through. Got a flat tire on Highway 45 out in the middle of nowhere. While she was changing her tire, a dude pulled up behind her, got out of his car, offered help. Then, when she told him she was fine, the tire was almost all the way changed already, he tried to mug her. She beat nine shades of hell out of him, left him unconscious on the side of the road, finished tightening her lugs, then drove off. According to her telling, it wouldn’t matter if he had a gun – dude made his play when he was within striking distance. So she decided to Be Like Han Solo, and cracked him across the face with the iron. Then kept cracking.

I’m not arguing that CHL is worthless – on the contrary, as noted above, I’m likely getting mine this year. But I have many friends who choose not to, and I understand their perspective. Hell, I’ve waited this long because I’m no slouch in a fight. I’ve been in some bad situations – but nothing yet that my fists or boots couldn’t get me out of.

Your thoughts?