Heh. Time to piss some people off…

I have no words strong enough to describe how much loathing I have for when people whine about being “friendzoned.” It’s a whiny excuse, and one that deserves a storm of derision.

Oh, I understand the feeling – I felt like I’d been “friendzoned” a few times in my life. When I was, for instance, 16. Then I grew the fuck up and realized that when a gal says she really isn’t interested, trying to gain her favors is like slamming your dick in the fridge door over and over. It does nothing for you but cause pain, and annoys the person you’re slamming your dick in that fridge for, because nobody wants to be the reason for fridge dick slamming.

Forgive my lack of eloquence here, I’m running on jack shit for sleep and hurting physically from Comic Con San Diego. I got off the plane, came home, and just finished this comic a few minutes ago whilst mildly hallucinating.

More on that in a bit. I took about 10 gigabytes of photos and videos, and will be uploading them shortly.