I won’t be following up on this topic tomorrow, but it will be in the comic again SOON.

Here in Texas, we have somewhat easily attainable Concealed Handgun Licenses. We also allow vehicular concealed carry without a permit. (Hence why I haven’t bothered to get my CC. I spend way too much of my day in places that actively prohibit CC, and I haven’t found the time to go get one. Probably will in the next year or so, if only because it allows one to buy guns more easily at a gun show.)

One thing that happens all the time? If someone I know has their CHL, they tell me. I’ve never really understood this. Isn’t the whole point of concealed carry, you know, to keep the fact that you’re carrying concealed? That includes telling your friends and showing them your piece in private. When I get my license, you better believe I’m not telling a soul. My wife and loved ones will know. Nobody else needs to. Also, I will probably be packing some kind of mousegun, and don’t need the storm of derision among other gun owners – thinking something in a .22 WMR revolver would suit me fine. Although I have fired a friend’s carry piece down at the range, a Springfield XD* compact in .40, and I have to admit – it was really light and accurate for an auto pistol.

*As was pointed out, in the original post, I confused this with the XDS, which does not come in .40 – I have removed the offending S. So say we all.