I do believe that someone needs to give a good 15% tip to Mick here, because Heidi JUST GOT SERVED.

We live in an age of recordings. George Orwell would have been disgusted. It’s come down to a time when if you can’t prove anything you say, via video or pictures, people don’t believe you. If you claim you ran into Stan Lee in an elevator at a convention, people call you a liar because you didn’t have the forethought to get your camera ready and get a pic.

This happened last Comic Con Intl, btw. Two years ago. We got on an elevator to go to dinner with my mother, maybe 4 other people in the elevator with us. We got on at the 10th floor, Stan Fucking Lee got in on the 5th floor. Was a moment of awesomeness as I asked him if he was who I thought he was. Dude was classy about it, shook everyone’s hand, was really cordial, then vamoosed into the night when we hit the ground floor. Left us all with giganto-grins on our faces.

Let’s get some Unwoman up in this shit.

Edited because I had reported something that I already posted to my bloggertrons three days ago.