God damn it, Jim, I’m trying to tell a story arc here that involves hot bisexual goth chicks. But then you have to open your big fat mouth and leave me no option but to ridicule you.

So Jim Carrey apparently thinks gun owners are soulless monsters with tiny dicks and no regard for their fellow man. I, as a gun owner, think of Jim Carrey as an actor who gained his reputation by being the funniest white guy on a black comedy show on FOX, a show that was cancelled before many folks who can drink legally were born. So yeah, social relevance, woo hoo.

Is it a transparent ploy to get attention? Gosh, I think it might be.

In case he reads this:

God damn it, Jim, you are painting with a retardedly wide brush. I’m not a racist, not a hick from the sticks (anymore), I’m not a die-hard teabagger, and I have plenty of regard for my fellow human. I own a small arsenal of firearms, but strangely enough, I haven’t killed myself with any of them, killed other people with any of them, and haven’t even injured other human beings with any of them. I’m a moderate liberal. Not all people who own “assault weapons” are racist white people who just want to kill things and have no understanding of the social repercussions of living in a country that allows gun ownership. (Also, WTF is a “hairpin trigger?”) A vast majority of us are just regular human beings who understand and exercise our 2nd Amendment rights. I work my middle class day job, drive my middle class car, and own my middle class house. I’m neither a psycho, nor am I going to kill myself, my kid, and my wife because…. WTF, why would my wife even HAVE a grenade?

Jim, you haven’t been topical in years, and your transparent cry for attention wasn’t funny. It didn’t even get a smile out of me – a gun owner who can laugh at himself. I loved you in The Mask, and The Truman Show. But when you start talking this kind of horseshit, I find it hilarious that one of your movies this year is Kickass 2, a movie that glorifies gun violence. This was a transparent ploy by you to outrage gun owners, and thereby gain attention in the national media.

Feel free to reply in the comments here, Jim. I’m still going to go pay my money to watch Kickass 2, because you’re just a side character in it. And the first movie was OMG amazing. But don’t think you fooled anyone, except for the absolute bottom of the barrel idiots online.

Now, to continue on yesterday’s trend, let’s get some more good dark music going.