Here we go, and if you read these words as they are, I forgot to update the comic post.

Haha! I remburd!

For those who commented or emailed me, I hear ya. I try NOT to get TOO political in the strip. Mostly because I STARTED this to tell the story of Mick, Alex, Heidi, et. al. And I like telling their story. I can tell you that I will NOT be doing any more political strips for at least the next 6 updates.

But: I will dip my toes in, from time to time, as the headlines in this nation warrant. This is, after all, a comic about guns – and not JUST the characters.

Several people have also noted they want Alex’s shirt. I’m working on it. Should be available by June at the latest, if for no other reason than I WANT ONE TOO.

Oh, let’s keep going with some good dark music. I fucking love Faderhead.

EDIT: Looks like we’re on track to break 2 million pageviews overall today. That’s pageviews in the last 6 months, not just today, but it’s still a pretty damn good number.