Again, really sorry about the update lag yesterday. But hey, the comic DID update, if a bit late, so nyer.

While doing minor research for this strip, I noted the costs, and dammit, now I want to buy a black powder revolver. I’ve fired them before, both cap & ball and flintlock, and they were plenty fun. Felt more organic than modern firearms, to a minor degree. Thinking of an Army revolver in .44, and going from there.

A-Kon 25 was a tremendous success again. A brutal convention, yes, but we got to meet thousands of fans, of both Two Lumps, and FTF. Did great business, chatted up the fans, partied like madmen after hours. Big props out to the following: Diana Sprinkle, Mookie & Alyssa (god rest her soul), Jen & Obby, Trunks (that horrible louse), Brion and his wife Jen, Blair, Shinga, Jojo, Shark, and the others that I’m too tired to look up right now.

Now back to reality.

I may have posted this before, but I’ve been listening to Combichrist all night while doing comics, and this song and video? Kicks ass.