Ah, the inevitable meeting shall commence.

Well, no sooner had I posted yesterday’s blurb, than I discovered the standoff had hit a very, very odd note. TL;DR: the BLM had armed Sheriff’s dept folks in a standoff with the protestors. And the LEOs were outnumbered. They gave a direct order for the protesters to stand down, which was, after a moment, ignored.

Let me repeat that: when threatened with the use of deadly force, the protesters ignored the order and brandished weapons of their own.

Outgunned, the SWAT team turned tail and left. They claimed at the time that a deal had been struck with the BLM and Bundy. Turns out that was a load of shit.

The mainstream media has completely buried this story. Sure, the story slowly caught fire on the bloggertrons, but mostly on the really extreme right-wing sites.

And so it begins.

I’ve said before and I’ll say again: the American people are restrained by the THREAT of government action, in the form of actual violence. This is true of many nations. The reality is that in most cases, the threat is a paper tiger. I wrote on this in my blog, at length, a few years back. Put simply, there is NO WAY the Fed Gov could ever successfully declare martial law across America. They can BARELY declare it in one or two places simultaneously. The reality is that we are an armed nation – heavily so – and the federal government straight up does not have the manpower to control the American People, should we decide to revolt.

The threat is maintained through propaganda and lies. The reality is that the citizenry outnumbers Law Enforcement officials by a staggering margin – and in this case, it was proven exactly. When given an order to halt, facing a line of SWAT members pointing guns at them, the resistance refused the order. And, in this standoff, they won.
Pretty big news story, and I can see why the popular media isn’t running with it. I just dislike that it was because of this Bundy douche, and his fucking cows.

No, I don’t like Bundy. I’m not on his side. He’s basically a criminal – a man who has decided he does not want to obey court orders or the law, because, uh, he don’t wanna do that. That’s not the point.

The main reason the Fed Gov has power is because the populace obeys their commands, under the illusion that actual uprising will be met with force that shuts down a revolt. The reality is that the Law Enforcement branches CANNOT enforce widespread Martial Law. Period. They don’t have the numbers. So instead, the myth of the Police State’s Power is passed on through popular media and bullshit.

The reality is that we, the people, still have the power. I don’t for an instant think this was a case of the feds standing down because of a Presidential order, or Harry Reid, or them suddenly (hah!) getting a change of heart about the whole thing and realizing that human life means something. I DO believe they backed down because, according to reports, something between 500 and 1000 armed stupid yahoos showed up this time, and let the feds know that if there was going to be a firefight, the fight would be on both sides.

That’s pretty goddamned important to note. Without rule of law, by definition, anarchy reigns. But my initial blog posts so long ago were also noting that no rule of law has ever lasted longer than a handful of centuries – you can only rule if you have the numbers to enforce it. If the populace outnumbers the rulers, and ANY FACTION, just or not, realizes they have the power to defy the law… shit gets really ugly really fast.

That’s what happened here. And it’s going to happen again. And next time, I think the enforcement forces are going to be encouraged to “make an example.”