I really wish this story arc wasn’t based on past experience. This is why I now, even when at a party where I want to get hammered (forehead gesture*), stick to beer and no more than two shots, for a ten hour period. Hard alcohol is not my friend. When I drink hard booze in large amounts, I do silly shit like punch people in the face, pick verbal fights with cops, and kiss mules.

But yeah. Who hasn’t had this morning? Hands in the air? Hm. You, in the back: you’re 22. Give it time.

For the record: Although I have at least 4 beers a night, and considerably more on the weekends, I never shoot unless I’m sober. I don’t even have a beer until after I’ve cleaned my guns, on a shooting day. Do not shoot drunk. Your accuracy will suffer, and you may die.

*Forehead gesture is an inside joke from some friends who went with us on a cruise a few years back. Don’t ask.