Don’t blame me for the punchline here. Mel wrote it.

Shout out to Adam Etzion. I know he was looking forward to this part of Alex’s backstory.

For the record, when it comes to the Israel/Palestine situation, I firmly stand behind my assertion that: Shit be fucked up, yo. I have friends from Israel, and I have a friend from Palestine. I personally think everyone there needs to chill the fuck out and have a coke, but I’m typing this from a middle class house in Dallas. I’ve never lost a loved one to a suicide bomber who blew up a cafe, or a rifle that spat a bullet that was stamped “MADE IN THE USA.” What’s the answer to the conflict? Fuck if I know. All my friends from both sides of the conflict seem like great people. Hell, I’d love to take them all out to a bar and suck down some beers. They’d probably get along just fine. But instead, a bunch of people, from what I can tell, are killing each other over a chunk of desert that some goat herders, ages ago, deemed holy. Seems kinda insane, from where I stand. No piece of dirt is worth watching your children die over, when it’s in the goddamn desert. Frankly, I’d love to evac the entire populations of both sides, let them colonize Montana and Wyoming, and pave over Jerusalem with so much blacktop, you’d need a GPS to find the site where the Temple Mount used to reside.

Ah, ah, ah! Before you decide to click on “comment”, where you can try to rip me a new one: I’m just a goddamn American cartoonist. Before you take this bullshit of mine too seriously, understand that I draw cats for a living, and I mostly just make people laugh. Like a clown. Why are you taking this so seriously? Who gives a shit what I think? I’m just some asshole on the internet. Chill out, have a beverage of choice, and refrain from calling me anti-Semitic (I’m not) or a Zionist (I’m not).

On that note, here’s some Israeli metal.