This one is a political comic and I am going to talk about military politics.

I wrote in my blog, over a decade ago, that the Iraq invasion following 9/11 was a fucking horrible mistake, and I still feel that way. Yeah, yeah, Saddam was a warlord who hated America, blah blah. WTF was he going to do with that hatred? Fire a SCUD into the fucking Atlantic and whine about it? The dude, with all of his hatred, had no resources to really attack us. He was a tiny fish in a big bowl, and he posed NO significant threat.

How did I get to this view? I read a lot. Sure, armchair it blah blah blah, but I wrote an article for the HuffPo about Scott Ritter over a decade ago (sadly, now eaten by the sands of time and the intertrons). I did a shit-ton of research on UNSCOM, and on what Iraq was doing before 9/11. UNSCOM found no weapons that Saddam could use to attack us. None. And they tried really fucking hard.

Another good source is this book right here, which is a thrilling read. The author was a man who really and truly believed Saddam would gain a powerful nuclear bomb, making Iraq a nuclear power. And yet, reading that book, Saddam had no way to bomb the USA, even if he HAD a big fucking warhead.

The Iraq invasion cost us thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. And it was a mistake. So we pulled out, and now all the local sandbag warlords are scooping up power. So what should we do?

I say? Stay the fuck out of it. Not our circus, not our monkeys. Yeah, we kinda helped create the problem. But how big of a problem is it, really? Oh noes, TEH TALIBANS MIGHT GAIN POWER. Big fucking deal. They still, can’t hit us with their 7.62 x 54r automatic weapons. They’ll fire RPGs to the west, and they’ll hit the ocean.

But Biden… this fucking guy. This fucking guy. God. STOP GIVING HIM A PHONE OR A MICROPHONE, PEOPLE. HE’S AN IDIOT.