So. This comes back to real life. Did you know the State of Texas can deny you an application of a marriage license if you’ve had nine previous marriages? Tru fax. A friend’s father was straight up legally denied his tenth legal marriage over a span of 35 years, on the grounds of “you do that too much.” And yeah, I can see where they’re coming from, but it kinda throws this whole “marriage should be a legal institution, not a private/religious one” thing into sharp light. He wasn’t getting married to another man, he wasn’t green-card scamming the whole time, he just got married too often for the state to like. So they decided to say “Nope, no more. You’re done.”

Yeah, he was, according to all reports (I never met him personally before he died) a bit of a womanizer and an alcoholic crazy nutjob. But at the times they happened, all of his marriages were legitimate desires on his part to marry a woman. (Omar’s love life is a tiny bit based on this dude, in case that wasn’t implied.)