Everyone keeps screaming and crying about how “OMG 3-D PRINTERS WILL ALLOW PEOPLE TO MAKE GUNS!!!!”

Once again, it’s all fearmongering bullshit. If I smash my head against my desk in exasperation any harder, I will have to buy a new desk.

First of all: It is already legal to make your own firearms. There are some exceptions regarding “non-sporting semi-auto rifles and non-sporting shotguns”, but it is already legal for you to build a firearm on your own. And always has been.

Secondly: Frankly, it’s cheaper and easier to build your own firearms from $20 worth of hardware down at Lowe’s than it is to gain access to an industrial 3-D printer. Not necessarily legal, but I’d trust this guy’s pipe gun much more than I would that flimsy plastic “Liberator”.

Finally, on that note: anyone who prints out that Liberator “pistol” and suffers when it blows up in their hand deserves what they get.

On the home front, I was laid low by a 24 hour bug this weekend. Started around noon Saturday, as I began this strip. Chills, fever of 102, extreme physical purging from both ends. Fever broke around 5 am today, thankfully. But as Saturday is the day when I do most of my comics, I am waaaaaaaaaaay behind. Some would take this as a sign that a comics buffer of more than a week is a good thing to have. I need to work on that again, especially with con season coming up.