Welcome to the week I get the least readers on our comics, every year. If you’re reading, thanks! I know the holidays involve people being away from the internets and stuff. I shall be too, a bit. Hence why I’m making these comics in advance and uploading them to update automatically.

Sales on The Deal have been slow so far, but picking up. Even got a review that’s pretty damn spiff. If you’re in the market for a book, some fiction to spice up this darkest week of the year, I suggest you pick it up in dead tree or Kindle format!

I know there are LOTS of people against “canned hunts,” but this looks like something I’d like to do here in Texas at a friend’s ranch. Wild boar here are vermin. They destroy crops, and they’re overrunning the state. I’d love to go on a driven Boar hunt here. If nothing else, Texas wild boar is tasty as shit.