All across the USA right now, more and more places are trying to push the concept of Gun-Free Zones.

I’ve always thought this idea was, to put it simply, fucking stupid. Wow. Gun-Free Zones. And you’ll enforce this… how? Oh, police presence, well then! Considering that gun crimes are committed by, definitely, criminals, well. I’m sure they’ll follow your silly little signs to the T.

Other cartoonists have already pointed out the absurdity, but I decided to take it to a level most people can relate to. We live in a country where, if you drive the speed limit on the highway, 4 out of 5 fellow drivers think you’re an asshole and should die. Speed limit? Fuck that, it’s a speed suggestion. Yeah, it’s the law, sure, whatever, everyone goes 10-15 over. Pfft.

Oh, but gun control laws that regulate where I can carry a gun? YEAH, CRIMINALS WILL TOTALLY OBEY THOSE LAWS.

The cognitive dissonance is appalling.

In other news, I want to slap the teeth out of this kid.