This happened to me on a date in the 1990s. A blind date, set up by a friend whose sister was single, and he thought we’d make a good pair. So I took her to (indeed) the Saltgrass that had just opened in Ft. Worth, not far from my house. There we met.

She spent the first 20 minutes of the date hiding behind her menu.

I called her out on it, and discovered she was very, very shy. Which was good, because I’d thought she found me hideous. We ordered a couple of glasses of wine, and she loosened up a bit.

I wish I could say that things went smashingly after that – she was quite bright and very attractive – but alas, no. We went on two dates, and called it quits. No chemistry. Ah, well.

Let’s get on with the guns:

Although I agree more or less… jesus, that beard and ‘stache.