I am, of course, making a joke in the name of the place. Saltgrass Steakhouse does not the best steaks in Texas, goodness, no. But it is a place that’s medium-range price for a first date, and their steaks are about a 3 out of 5. Top-notch steak in Texas is expensive as hell – case in point – but worth every penny. Saltgrass isn’t shoddy – not the best, but damn delicious. If you’re from California, like me, understand that Denny’s here serves better steak than you will get at all but 5-star restaurants. Living in Texas gives one a learned bias on what makes a great steak.

I saw some whining online that not EVERY SINGLE strip on FTF is about guns. After weighing your complaints, I say: SUCK IT UP, BITCHES. This is the story of Mick and his life. It’s not ALWAYS going to be about guns – just most of the time. Think you can do better?

Start drawing.
Come up with a comic.
Come up with characters.
Make them interesting.
Buy a domain and learn to make a website.
Then, enslave yourself to updating on a fairly fast schedule.
Get more readers than we do.

And then? Only then? Can you whinge at me about what we should be doing with the comic.

No, really, if you think this is easy, you go ahead and fucking try it.

If you succeed… hell, I’ll still argue with you. I’ve been doing this a long goddamn time. But if you find a way to do it better, more power to ya.

Arrite, here’s some guns for you. Jeez.