MANY, and I cannot stress that word enough, of you sent me the link to the video for the R.I.P. bullet. Sure looks cool! And wow, so many hi-tech visual effects! I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t mind testing the 12 ga version.

But then I looked at the specs, and… um. Hmm. 96 gr all-copper projectile? Isn’t that, I dunno… kinda light? Especially when it’s designed to fragment FAST in soft tissue? The original press release claimed 16″ of penetration. I did the math, thought about it, and… yeah. I had to call bullshit. Besides, even if that was true, you’re talking about 16″ of penetration by tiny, needle-like, SHARP chunks. No actual cavitation, which is where HP and frangible rounds tend to really do the most damage. Firing a needle thin piece of copper 5″ into someone, center mass, isn’t going to make them drop to the ground and die instantly.

Not saying I’d want to get shot with one, but… yeah. I decided days ago that no, I’ll stick with 158 gr SP in my revolver, thanks. I’ve literally blown a gallon jug of gelatin to pieces with one shot of that old tried-and-true ammo. I have the feeling that this stuff would just pop tiny holes in that same jug.

Oh look, an independent test by a blogger shows my suspicions to be true.

Nope. Pass. Although I may see about taking an expired brisket out to the ranch and testing this stuff against actual meat.