This isn’t limited to gun shops, as far as I can tell – any business that’s been around for longer than 10 years has that one room. It might be a closet, or a forgotten place in the back of the garage, or a shed. But it’s a place that gets filled with things and then… people kind of forget about it for a while.

I’m going to do a couple strips on this. One of the long-present questions we’ve had for a long time is – does properly stored ammunition have an expiration date?

To my knowledge, it does not. But I am not an expert on this, so I’m asking.

I’ve heard people say that you shouldn’t keep ammo for longer than 10 years, or it will be less reliable. I have fired at least a few hundred rounds of various boxes that were certainly more than 10 years old. Most recently, Mel inherited her grandfather’s bring-back WWII Luger, and with it, a box of OLD Remington 9mm. We fired most of that box (with nary a misfire), which still had a price tag on it of “$1.37″ for 50 rounds. And I’m not even getting into the 1986 Yugo ammo we use for the Mosins.

I’m not talking about bullets that were kept in a tin pail, out in the shed behind Gramps’ cabin in the mountains. Properly stored ammo – how long does it last?

There’s been a plethora of shooting vids on Youtube involving scantily clad women. And lord, I have posted a few here. Well, this guy wants to even that out. This one’s for the ladies. And hell, some of the men, too.