Yes, I know, on a brand new phone, it’s unlikely that her icon would show up in the texts. Deal with it.

It’s something that I pointed out to the Sprint rep at the store I was visiting. You’d think the company would make goddamn sure that their stores would have excellent signal – but I couldn’t get a 4G connection at all, and I only got 3 bars of 3G. It’s like walking into a car lot and all of the cars are out of gas. First world problems, yes, but annoying.

So this new 5G thing is coming out this year, and what in the hell is this sorcery? Every time I think I’m done being amazed at the new technology people invent, something comes along that blows the last gen out of the water. Now sincerely considering waiting until December to upgrade my phone.

Also, it seems this is a thing. Unsure of how I feel about it. On the one hand, I grew up playing Laser Tag with my friends, a game that no doubt would get kids arrested or shot by cops today. This looks like a new version that wouldn’t upset the anti-gun ninnies. On the other hand… this commercial makes a pretty good concept look like something lame as fuck, that only hipster kids will use to replay scenes from the Matrix.