Welcome to a strip where all the 1911 fans plan to burn down my house.

Look, I’m not saying it’s a bad firearm platform. 100+ years of service can’t be ignored. I just think it’s silly to note all the advances made in pistol technology and stick with a single-stack magazine on a firearm that weighs about as much as a bloated moose. Also, I have tiny, woman-like hands, and have a hard time getting a good grip on them. And the few I have fired have jammed like mad – including a Kimber. Sure, we were firing cheap ammo, but that shouldn’t render a weapon into a jam factory.

If you disagree, go ahead and lambaste me here.

One of the great things about the way the update interface for this site is laid out, is that I can pre-write an update post, then go back and change it very easily. For instance, if I suddenly stumble across a link showing that Brad Pitt is one of us.

[EDIT] Addendum! Girls with Slingshots and Something Positive are now finally back online! Go! Click on them!

Went shooting with Randy and some friends on Sunday. It was their first time, and we had some fun with light rifles and pistols. Started with the AR-15 and 10/22, then moved to the Taurus wheelie and Mel’s Hi-Power.

Steph rockin the AR.

Randy rockin the AR.

Randy on the .357

Sair on the AR.

Steph on the .357

Sair on the .357

Nothing scarier than Randy Milholland with a gun.

Randy and Steph’s first target was not bad, at about 15 yards.

Sairah on the AR did damn well.

A fun day at the range.