This has been niggling at me for a bit. It feels good to finally give Omar an outlet in this strip. Put simply: in the story, Mick has missed a LOT of work, leaving early. Mostly for situations involving his penis. And yeah, I have the whole storyline from start to fin in my head, but Omar’s been bitching in the back of my skull for a few weeks now.

Sometimes the characters in a story get real, in your brainmeats, and they tend to speak up when they disagree with your original ideas. Fucking voices in my skull. BASTARDS.

Add: Sorry about the site outage this morning, somehow the account for the DB went out of sync. Should be fine now.

I’m having a really crazy week. Is there something in the air that’s making life get weird?

Add: Something keeps making the site lose connection to the PHP database. I have an inkling what the cause could be, but contacting Hostgator’s support with this idea… well, it sounds loopy, even to me. But I will make sure the site is up, as often as I can.