O noes!

Some of you took offense at my use of the word “asshole” in the last strip.

I stand by it.

If you think Obammer’s gunna taek ur gunz, and you run out and buy a Bushmaster for $1200 due to the sudden lack of AR-15s in the area, you’re not an asshole. You’re an idiot, but not an asshole. You’re dumb enough to think that you need to GO RIGHT NOW and get a M4 rifle with as many high-cap mags as you can afford. That’s relatively okay. I’ll still mock you, because in 2008 you dumb fuckers did the same thing, and miraculously, AR-15s are still available today, four years later, in time for your latest panic and stupidity. You might have to pay out the ass for them, because you have no grasp on how a gun ban would actually fly in the USA, and you have a foolish amount of money. Again, you’re just an idiot.

You’re an ASSHOLE if you don’t own a gun shop, and you run out and buy 10 goddamn rifles because A BLOO BLOO BLOO OBAMMER’S GONNA TAEK DEM ALL. You’re not an asshole if you buy 10 boxes of .223 right now – the asshole is the fucker who brings his whole goddamn family to the shop to get around the “limit 4 boxes per customer” policy, and cleans out the entire rack of ammunition.

Why are you an asshole? Because some of us, with cooler heads, are left with NOTHING to buy when we want to go plinking. In 2008, there were several months where I wanted to teach my friends some shooting – but I couldn’t find ammo for ANY of our guns. .357 magnum was a fucking unicorn. 9mm was either gone, or sold in Gold Dot 25-packs for $30 (fuck that). Why? Because some goddamn neckbeard mouth breather out there just HAD to go buy 20 boxes of 9mm because OMG OMABBER’S CUMIN! Is he gonna shoot it? Nope, it’s going to sit in his fucking closet and gather dust for the next year.

Yep. If you do that? You’re an asshole. And the only people who don’t think you’re an asshole are either fellow assholes, or people who own gun companies/shops, who are laughing at you all the way to the bank for being a stupid asshole.

You want that much ammo? Do us all a favor and learn to reload your own. Asshole. Don’t like me thinking that you’re an asshole? Direct your complaints to your nearest public restroom. Or go blog about it. Or, here’s an idea: pull your goddamned head out of your ass and stop making life harder for the rest of us.

Yes, I’m bitter. I remember 2008-2009 all too well. You fuckers seem to have the memories of goldfish.

More Obammer on Monday. Again, I drew these comics WEEKS ago, and you predictable bastards made them topical today.

Are you an asshole? Here’s the test: If you can stomach more than 5 minutes of this bullshit… just assume you’re an asshole.

[ADD:] From the comments on today’s strip is gleaned this amazingly good blog post.