Why yes, the characters are alive and well inside my skull, writing their own dialogue now. Which is always unnerving, as much as it is awesome.

Just got word: We’re not doing Dragon Con this year after all, which means we will be at Animefest this year, once again! And if I really crack down on it, I can have the first Failure To Fire book done, and for sale at the con!

Has it really already been almost a year? The strip launched during Animefest last year. Holy fucking shit.

Music! So at CCSD, I ran across the CENTURY Media booth, which was a first – I’d never seen them at the con before. I cannot speak highly enough of this label, for all the great music they’ve let me discover over the last decade and a half – I ran across the Identity II Sampler about 15 years ago, and it introduced me to
The Gathering, Sentenced, Moonspell, Sammael, Stuck Mojo, EyeHateGod, to name a few. I’ve picked up as many of their samplers as I could over the years – although they sign a few pop rock acts like Buckcherry, most of their lineup ranges from power metal to black metal to doom metal. The shit I love.

They were giving away a sampler at the con, so of course I snapped it up and put it in tonight while doing the comic. And surprise surprise, just found a new band that I dig the shit out of: In This Moment. Check this shit out. Sex and dark metal. Gotta love it.

The comic has not autoupdated in three days, and gives only an error of “missed schedule.” I intend to find out WTF is going on here.

Considerable spike in readers over the last two days. Hi there, new readers!