Let’s see where such a magic carpet ride leads!

Ugh. As prophesied, I was able to return to work yesterday (today, as I write this, ye gods, TIME TRAVEL). Beware this flu strain that’s going around – it’s a fucking monster. But the fever is finally gone, and by the time you read this, I should be 5 by 5 again.

So there’s a new “10 commandments of Gun Control” meme going around. Annoying, really, as it (once again) appears to be written by someone with no clue about how current gun legislation works. Or what a Form 4473 is. But guns is skeery, kids, so better try to outlaw them deadly suckers afore they kills ya!

And then we have articles like this one that I don’t even what the fuck Jesus Christ are you people fucking STUPID? Chicago has STRICT gun control, and HUGE gun death tolls. Dallas, on the other hand…

Here’s some Yankee Marshall.