I’m gonna step back from the pro-weed filthy hippie podium, and go back to guns. Then I’ll go back to pounding on bongos, painting flowers on naked unshaven women, and dousing myself in patchouli.

Have you seen this shit? I dunno about you, but this looks like a MUCH better alternative to the .300 blackout round. I really want this to happen, and to fire it, because there’s nothing I love more than a caliber that has serious punch. And this does. A 200 grain round at 2300 FPS at 50 yards? Gimme. Looks like it’ll knock a boar off it’s feet.

Then we have what a few people have sent me. A muzzle brake for the Mosin. I am against this, if for no other reason than: it stops you from attaching the bayonet. AND ALL KOMRADE KNOW MOSIN IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT GLORIOUS BAYONET!

Finally, I don’t know how many of you noticed when I linked Unwoman before. She’s a goth/steampunk artist with SEVERE musical talent that I’ve been listening to for years. I’ve also now partied with her, and she’s a peach. Well, she has a new album coming out, and y’all mothafuckas what like cello and female singers best get up on this shit. I have an early release of the album, and I spent the entire night listening to it on repeat play while doing comics. Still listening to it as I type this. Shit be all sublime, yo.

Finally, my desktop computer died. If you’re looking to get rid of a spare buck or two, can you hit the donation link below this post? That would be killer. I’m currently doing the comics off a laptop that’s 6 years old. #firstworldproblems