Well, that’s okay, then! A brand new truck? HOW NICE!

Are you fucking kidding me? The officers who fired into the back of a truck without warning are on “administrative leave???” Fuck that! WHY AREN’T THEY IN JAIL???

Before anyone else continues defending these fucking wackoes in the comments, keep in mind:
Cops are civilians. They are civilians who are legally licensed to use deadly force to uphold the law, within certain parameters, but they are civilians. If you or I walked out into the street and opened fire at a vehicle as it drove away, because we thought it might be someone that wanted to kill us, we would be arrested and held in jail.

These guys? Probably still getting paid. They’ll be back on the street soon enough.

There are many reasons I left California nigh-20 years ago. The overall mentality of law enforcement in SoCal is one of them.

ADD: The news reports are saying the truck pictured above was shot “over 15 times” by officers. That’s like saying that over 15 people died of the Bubonic Plague. The photo isn’t even high res, and I count a whole lot more than 15 holes in it. A whole lot more.