I may have been guilty of doing this kind of thing once or twice.

Add: Sooooooooo seems like the Dorner Vs. LAPD thing is becoming a big story. Did I mention I grew up in Big Bear? (I doubt he’s actually hiding there.)

I do not sympathize with Dorner, nor do I support his actions. He is murdering innocents. But, and this is important when it comes to gun control legislation: people need to stop talking about how “OMG ONLY COPS SHOULD HAVE GUNS.” Cops are not magically safer with guns. They do not miraculously start having perfect sense on when to use a gun. The LAPD especially, an incredibly corrupt police force, have a long-standing history of escalation of violence against subjects, be they arrested lawfully or not.

You wanna trust your life, as a first line of defense, to these yahoos? You go right ahead.